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Frequently asked questions

Which receipts do not earn points?

Receipts that are not purchases of perishable goods and household items. Receipts such as those of petrol, electricity, airtime, gas cylinder purchases, do not earn points.

I’ve submitted receipts but my points haven’t been increased, why?

Your points will increase as soon as your receipt has been approved, if you experience further issues please contact the help-desk or launch a ticket.

Why was my receipt rejected for suspicious shopping behaviour?

If you upload more than one receipt with the time differences of less than ten minutes our fraud detection system will pick up as suspicious behaviour. If you also upload a receipt that was uploaded by someone else, it will be picked up as a duplicate which will be detected as a fraud.

How do I increase my chances of getting my receipts accepted?

● Upload your receipts within the 72 hour purchase period
● Upload clear, good quality receipts
● Ensure that your receipts meet all the data requirements.

Receipts Rejection reasons

Missing data - If the system scans your receipt and does not identify all four requirements, your receipts will be rejected for missing data points. Always make sure the following requirements visible:
● Store name & store location
● Date & time of purchase
● Item information (Description, quantity, and price)
● Method of payment
● Total value

Wrong receipt - Receipts that are not purchases of perishable goods and household items, do not earn points. Examples of these receipts include purchases of:
● Petrol
● Airtime
● Electricity
● Gas Cylinders
● Utility bills
● Services e.g payment for photocopies

Duplicate receipt - Duplicate receipts are receipts that have been uploaded more than once, either by the same shopper or by more than one shopper.

Out of hour - Any receipt that is not submitted within the 72-hour window from the time of purchase will unfortunately, be rejected by the system.

Suspicious Behaviour - If you upload more than one receipt within a very close time period of each other, our fraudulent system will pick that up as suspicious shopping behaviour. Furthermore, submitting receipts of purchases you did not make will result in your receipt being rejected for suspicious behaviour.E.g picking up receipts in public areas and uploading them on the app.

Poor Quality - If certain data points on the receipt are not visible enough or readable for extraction, your receipt will be rejected for poor quality

What happens when my receipt is rejected?

When your receipt is rejected, you will be notified and given reasons as to why it was rejected. You will thereafter be allowed to resubmit the receipt within the 72hr purchase timeframe.

Whose receipts can I submit?

You can upload your own individual receipts and those of your household purchases. However, you may not upload receipts that are not a representation of you or your households’ purchases. Only one person from the household is allowed to upload a given receipt to avoid the system picking it up as a duplicate.

How much are points worth?

10 points is equal to the value of R1.00

Can you only upload 16 receipts or is it 16 receipts a month?

The app allows the shopper to upload a maximum of 16 receipts each 30 day period. Your 30day period starts from when you first installed the app.

When do you get your points after completing a survey?

You should receive your points immediately after completing the survey. Should this not happen, We ask that you reach out to us by emailing